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Satya Cinnamon 15gr incense stick


15-20 sticks in one pack individually 





  •  Hand made in India according to ancient traditions with pure and natural ingredients such as wood gums, honey, sandalwood powder, essential oils, resins, herbs and flowers.


    Incense cones and sticks typically complement soothing, meditation, aromatherapy, prayer, healing, yoga and romance.

  • Made with 100% natural plant based fragrances with asolutely no artificial ingredients and no animal products.
  • Mellow fragrance that helps create a happy feeling.
  • Used in offices, meditation centers and homes such as in your backyard.
  • Create's a tranquil environment that welcomes love, creativity and good fortune.
  • Made in India and hand crafted to perfection by craftsmen according to traditional recipes and fragrance blends.

Satya Cinnamon 15gr